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Specifications and Pricing latest Honda Freed

Honda Freed. MPV car is arguably the premium MPV car, in the car is available attractive features so that you feel at home in much enjoyed the trip though. This car is quite hunted in Indonesia because it has macho and its design is a feature of the present. Although more expensive than other MPV type car but it was worth the features provided by the Honda Freed. Here I provide information about the specifications and price of Honda Freed.

Specifications Honda Freed

The exterior of the Honda Freed

This MPV car seem glamorous and luxurious why? Because it appears from the outside that use tapered design front grille plus a full chroome combined horizontal lines that are colored silver. Reflector Headlight plus a very elegant and sporty front bumper are designed to further add to the impression of premium and very luxurious and modern.

While the views from the side line silhouette looks elongated causing a suitable blend makes this car more angguyn and fascinating. Not only that, even the sophistication of the Honda Freed visible from a given feature like 3-step Checker Door, Power Sliding Door complete with a remote control, and One-Step Low Floor also pinned in this car as an addition to the comfort of the rider and passenger Honda Freed. For security specifications of the manufacturer Honda complete with Power Retractable Door Mirrors are able to make the mirror can be folded electrically and Fuel Lid Auto Lock which prevents the Power Sliding Door open fully open when the gas tank car.

Interior Honda Freed

This MPV car on the inside made into maximum relief so comfortable despite the long trip, the interior layout is designed very neat and tidy and orderly, so this car seem luxurious and exclusive.

In the passenger seat is available Armerst on the first line and the second line (Type S and E) are increasingly exposed to forget so as to make you feel at home in this car. There are also features Seat Height Adjustment feature is pointless to set a high bench and the entertainment is very attractive unmitigated by issuing perspek feature A / V System with touch screen and remote control are very ready to watch a movie or listen to music from any model gadget , Adalagi very interesting feature is the Multi Information LCD, Tilt Steering wheel to select the most comfortable position, and Automatic air conditioning cold aura capable membrikan evenly, does this interior section is complete and capable in the climb to 7 passengers to travel and still feels loose.

Hoda machine Freed
This MPV car using the engine capacity of 1,500 cc with type i-VTEC is capable of producing a maximum of 118 PS and maximum torque of 14.9 kgm at 4800 rpm. This particular engine MPV car so as to produce a strong force, efficient and stable. Acceleration system is also designed to facilitate the driver in control is to use 5-speed automatic. D3 transmission system also provides the quality of being able to adjust the acceleration in accordance with the path.

Price Honda Freed

For Price Honda Freed is divided into 3kelas because of his Honda manufacturer has divided into several classes, starting from the least expensive class is class A and more expensive S and E class that offers features a more complete. Indeed, the price of the Honda Freed is more expensive than the Honda or Toyota Rush Mobillio because this car MPV class premium.Untuk know the price refer to the table below:

Freed A Rp. 226 500 000
Freed S Rp. 256 500 000
Freed E Rp. 278 500 000

That's the price list and the latest specification Honda Freed, may be a reference or increase your knowledge of the reader. Hope it is useful ...

Specifications and Pricing latest Honda Accord

Honda Accord. These cars including luxury cars in all its aspects, its presence was welcomed by the people of Indonesia because of the quality of the Honda Accord is indeed encouraging. Honda car is available in two variants namely the 2.4 liter VTi and 2.4 liter VTi-L are all using the system with a 5-speed automatic transmission that is resilient to urban streets.

Specifications Honda Accord

The exterior of the Honda Accord

This car has an exterior design of the latest generation Accord experienced improvement in the front view and front fascia uses medium sized grill has two horizontal and transverse accented chroome and Honda emblems are also decorated chroome. The front bumper looks very solid with aerodynamic design, further enhancing the ability of forcenya down. On the side has two prominent accent lines located above and below the Honda Accord. On the back has a design Frascia so it looks elegant and luxurious impression, with the accent chroome garnish provide graceful lines in combination with the notches houses the stop lamp lights together with the body so that it looks exclusive and luxurious. As a refinement plus some features that Headlight with Auto On OF, Fog Lamp, HID Headlight with Auto Leveling, Hidrophilic Mirorr, Restratable Door and Door Mirror Mirror with Turning signal that will assist and facilitate the driver in driving this sedan at the time of the trip.

Interior Honda Accord
This car has a storage capacity and seats 5 passengers using premium leather material is so soft and comfortable when touching the skin so as to make passengers feel at home in the drive. In the front cabin Honda Accord has a dashboard design that is very sophisticated and high tech make it easier and safer driver to control the car.

This car is also equipped with i-Dual Auto Air Conditioning and Ventilation Air Conditioning Rear which will regulate the temperature in the cabin independently, automatically evenly and quickly you can set the temperature based on the direction matahaari via satellite. In the rear cabin is equipped with a sunshade and rear side windows shunsade power to hit the hot sun during the morning, afternoon or evening.

Dimensional Honda Accord
This car has the dimensions 4,870 x 1,850 x 1,465 with an empty weight ranging from 1,525 to fit to drive in urban or outside the city. Honda Accord mampumenampung 65 liters of fuel. For this car suspension uses MacPherson Strut type on the front side and the Independent Multi-Link, Coil Spring with Stabilizer will provide maximum comfort despite handling a very maneuver. In the brake system of the type mengguynakan Ventilated discs at the front and a non-ventilated discs, plus a modern braking is ABS + EBD + BA so that security is guaranteed.

Engine Honda Accord

This car uses a 4-cylinder DOHC engine with 16-valve i-VTEC engine which has a capacity of 2,356 cc is claimed to be capable of spraying power reaches a maximum of 176 PS at 6,200 RPM rotation with maximum torque of 225 Nm at 4,000 RPM. And use a 5 speed so that acceleration becomes smooth and fast. And issue a power of more than 200 km / h, with fuel supplies technology PGM-FI and Eart Dreams Technology Honda Accord makes it produce more efficient fuel consumption.

Price Honda Accord

Honda prices below are the latest price:

Honda Accord 2.4L VTi USD 532.5 million
Honda Accord VTI-L Rp 583 million

The price of the latest Honda Accord that I mentioned above is the price of On The Road in force in Jakarta alone. So in other areas there may be differences may be useful

Specifications and Price Latest Honda Odyssey 2015

Honda Odyssey 2015 Specs and Price Latest. Honda Odyssey is the fifth generation of Honda manufacturer that has a luxurious design and high-tech, Honda products have a distinctive characteristic that by providing luxury and comfort even though the passenger behind. As well as a very stable balance so Honda much in demand in Indonesia.

Honda Odyssey 2015, including cars designed MPV luxury and much in demand in the middle class and above, while the design kemewannya visible with the concept of Best Of Both World and equipped with advanced features and high tech that Honda is not messing around and be reckoned with ,

Innovation is applied to the car Honda Odyssey 2015 is a feature and design front bumper and grille are more premium, sliding door, aktive cornering light, sunroof, project headlights, front fog lamp and Safety and Honda Odyssey 2015menggunakan comfort features such as: Power slidding door that can facilitate passengers in and out of Step Floor kabin.One using courtesy outer LED is a design that can provide comfort as to the breadth of leg and head room so that passengers more comfortable and freely when inside the cabin Honda Odyssey 2015.
New 2015 Honda Odyssey Specifications

Engine Honda Odyssey 2015

Using a 2.4 L engine type doch i-VTEC 16-valve, DBW + TBR in coherent with the fuel supply system using PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) so as to make fuel-efficient and super-strong force. And using the 2400 cc cylinder can generate 175 PS at 6,200 RPM rotation and maximum torque of 23 kg m at 4000 RPM and is able to accommodate 60 liters of fuel.

Transmission Honda Odyssey 2015

Using the FWD drive system and designed with a 5-speed automatic sehinnga it easier for drivers to organize and control the car's honda odyssey.

2015 Honda Odyssey dimension

This car dimensionless length x Width x Height (mm) this vehicle 1,800 x 4,830 x 1,545, while for the type of prestige only difference in width 1,820 mm, axle distance 2,830 mm and the weight at 1,671 kg empty.

Legs Honda Odyssey 2015

At the front of the car is mengunaka suspension Independent Double Wishbone and combined with the use Ventilated front brake discs (Disc Ventilated) and rear brake uses discs (discs), while the tire size 215/55 rang 17 paired with the Alloy Wheel.
Latest price Honda Odyssey 2015

2015 Honda Odyssey cars including luxury cars so for the price is quite expensive, but when viewed with the given feature is not income to buy this car. Below are the latest prices please refer to:

Honda Odyssey 2015 2.4 L Rp. 602,000,000.00

Honda Odyssey 2015 2.4 L prestige Rp. 702,000,000.00

Thus the information that I can say about the 2015 Honda Odyssey may be useful for the readers. Read also the latest Honda Accord and Honda Freed latest.

Specifications and Pricing latest Honda Jazz and their advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Jazz. Before we discuss tentan kelebihnnya I will give specifications and will continue to advance the issue price of the Honda Jazz.

Honda wants to continue to survive in the dominance leading hatchback car class, to keep the manufacturer Honda undertake various improvement by adding various excellent features and high-quality as the booster Honda Jazz 2015 in the eyes of rmasyarakat Indonesia.

Honda Jazz 2015 Mobil Rakyat Indonesia
All New Honda Jazz 2015 is the third generation of the car variant first city car which we released in Indonesia one decade old. During his journey, Jazz hatchback cars get hearts among the people of Indonesia in stages, until now sales of the Honda Jazz is quite amazing that Honda Jazz is considered one of the cars hatchbackterjual at a popular price range.

Specifications Honda Jazz 2015

Machine = 1.5L 4-cylinder 16 valve SOHC i-VITEC
Additional features = torque boost resonator
ISII cylinder = 1497
power max = 120/6600
torque max = 145/4800
LxWxH = 3900 x 1695 x 1525
wheel base = 2500
suspense = Macpherson strur and torsion beam hiscope
Brake = disck / drum
EBD ABS brakes =
steel wheels =
= tires 175/65 R15
= single DIN audio
Another feature = power windows, power door locks, air conditioning
side impact beam
electronick Power Steering

Advantages / benefits of Honda Jazz 2015

New Honda Jazz car all 2015 using dinamin stylish design and stylish as well as in the category of the theme "Crossfade Monoform Exterior" that looks pretty bold lines and elegant silhouette that attach to the body of the car Honda Jazz latest. 2016 Chevy Volt Release date While the front grille menjali changes more sporty, bumper was no less behind modified to become more beautiful. On reforming the dimensions changed to 3.965mm × 1.694mm × 1.524mm [LxWxH] who make more relief in it and provide more space for passengers and driver.

Another advantage is seen in the interior of the Honda Jazz which carries the theme "Sophisticated Futuristic Cockpit". For passengers will be more comfortable because of its interior transformed into more luxurious and more comfortable. The new features further sweeten such as the interior design of the new Jazz Leather Steering & Shift Knob, Audio Steering Switch Control and Cruise Control on the steering wheel.

Excellence Honda Jazz 2015 also looks at safety and security features are made more modern and sophisticated. As for the features in the car Handa Jazz Dab include Dual Front SRS Airbags, order G-CON + ACE, pedestrian protection, Isofix and tether, and Brake ABS + EBD, Pretensioner seatbelt with load limiter.

Prices latest All New Honda Jazz
After discussing about the specifications and advantages Honda Jazz still less without the price, I provide the following information about the prices of the All New Honda Jazz may differ slightly with prices in your town because the price was on the road in Jakarta.

All New Honda Jazz AM / T IDR. 199 million
All New Honda Jazz SM / T IDR. 217 million
All New Honda Jazz S CVT Rp. 227 million
All New Honda Jazz RS M / T IDR. 238juta
All New Honda Jazz CVT RS Rp. 248 million

Thus I can convey information that may be useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. Specifications and Pricing latest Honda Jazz and their advantages and disadvantages Honda Jazz


Specifications and Car Prices Honda CRZ latest

Specifications and Car Prices Honda CRZ, fuel-efficient car. The car is designed with sporty style is not only designed in the style of today's models, but about the problems users to save expenses, car CRZ can be said expert because this car is equipped with a fuel efficient car technology. Does not that which is taken into consideration for the person who wants to buy a car. If you are interested in home-made Honda's sporty car.

Specifications Honda CRZ

The exterior design of the car is really menawan.Kesan futuristic CRZ you can see clearly on the outer part of the car. 2016 Audi A3 Release date Honda CRZ has a front grille and front bumper are made with a very elegant and modern. Not to mention the fog lights are so graceful that can penetrate the fog so that no matter when the car was speeding at the time of the foggy circumstances. Rear combination lamp at further reinforce the impression of a futuristic car on sporty cars made in the sedan. With the HID lights and LED stop lamp on the front and rear of the car, the car is really getting looks so elegant.

Obviously this is very menomorsatukan Honda CRZ driver and passenger comfort. Spacious cabin and trunk of the car so comfortable when you use it to travel near and far. In the car also has no air-conditioning technology and entertainment media in the form of audio that make passengers more comfortable in a sporty car. Do any of the car cooler can be adjusted as needed, so you may not feel the cold in the air-conditioned car.


Cars choose a machine with type SOHC i-vect which has 4 cylinders. Each cylinder can accommodate as much as 1.5 liters of fuel. The Honda CRZ speed can be comparable to the speed of the horse because the iron horse Honda CRZ can produce 122 PS maximum power and maximum torque of 128 fb-lt. The car is equipped with technology Econ mode that is fuel-efficient technology has 5-speed transmission and the car can be moved smoothly without the slightest jerk.

Sport car prices Honda CRZ

Honda CRZ M / T

Rp. 475 million
Honda CRZ A / T

Rp. 489 million
Thus I can convey information that may be useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. Specifications and Car Prices Honda CRZ latest