Jumat, 24 Juli 2015

Specifications and Price Latest Honda Odyssey 2015

Honda Odyssey 2015 Specs and Price Latest. Honda Odyssey is the fifth generation of Honda manufacturer that has a luxurious design and high-tech, Honda products have a distinctive characteristic that by providing luxury and comfort even though the passenger behind. As well as a very stable balance so Honda much in demand in Indonesia.

Honda Odyssey 2015, including cars designed MPV luxury and much in demand in the middle class and above, while the design kemewannya visible with the concept of Best Of Both World and equipped with advanced features and high tech that Honda is not messing around and be reckoned with ,

Innovation is applied to the car Honda Odyssey 2015 is a feature and design front bumper and grille are more premium, sliding door, aktive cornering light, sunroof, project headlights, front fog lamp and Safety and Honda Odyssey 2015menggunakan comfort features such as: Power slidding door that can facilitate passengers in and out of Step Floor kabin.One using courtesy outer LED is a design that can provide comfort as to the breadth of leg and head room so that passengers more comfortable and freely when inside the cabin Honda Odyssey 2015.
New 2015 Honda Odyssey Specifications

Engine Honda Odyssey 2015

Using a 2.4 L engine type doch i-VTEC 16-valve, DBW + TBR in coherent with the fuel supply system using PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) so as to make fuel-efficient and super-strong force. And using the 2400 cc cylinder can generate 175 PS at 6,200 RPM rotation and maximum torque of 23 kg m at 4000 RPM and is able to accommodate 60 liters of fuel.

Transmission Honda Odyssey 2015

Using the FWD drive system and designed with a 5-speed automatic sehinnga it easier for drivers to organize and control the car's honda odyssey.

2015 Honda Odyssey dimension

This car dimensionless length x Width x Height (mm) this vehicle 1,800 x 4,830 x 1,545, while for the type of prestige only difference in width 1,820 mm, axle distance 2,830 mm and the weight at 1,671 kg empty.

Legs Honda Odyssey 2015

At the front of the car is mengunaka suspension Independent Double Wishbone and combined with the use Ventilated front brake discs (Disc Ventilated) and rear brake uses discs (discs), while the tire size 215/55 rang 17 paired with the Alloy Wheel.
Latest price Honda Odyssey 2015

2015 Honda Odyssey cars including luxury cars so for the price is quite expensive, but when viewed with the given feature is not income to buy this car. Below are the latest prices please refer to:

Honda Odyssey 2015 2.4 L Rp. 602,000,000.00

Honda Odyssey 2015 2.4 L prestige Rp. 702,000,000.00

Thus the information that I can say about the 2015 Honda Odyssey may be useful for the readers. Read also the latest Honda Accord and Honda Freed latest.