Jumat, 24 Juli 2015

Specifications and Pricing latest Honda Freed

Honda Freed. MPV car is arguably the premium MPV car, in the car is available attractive features so that you feel at home in much enjoyed the trip though. This car is quite hunted in Indonesia because it has macho and its design is a feature of the present. Although more expensive than other MPV type car but it was worth the features provided by the Honda Freed. Here I provide information about the specifications and price of Honda Freed.

Specifications Honda Freed

The exterior of the Honda Freed

This MPV car seem glamorous and luxurious why? Because it appears from the outside that use tapered design front grille plus a full chroome combined horizontal lines that are colored silver. Reflector Headlight plus a very elegant and sporty front bumper are designed to further add to the impression of premium and very luxurious and modern.

While the views from the side line silhouette looks elongated causing a suitable blend makes this car more angguyn and fascinating. Not only that, even the sophistication of the Honda Freed visible from a given feature like 3-step Checker Door, Power Sliding Door complete with a remote control, and One-Step Low Floor also pinned in this car as an addition to the comfort of the rider and passenger Honda Freed. For security specifications of the manufacturer Honda complete with Power Retractable Door Mirrors are able to make the mirror can be folded electrically and Fuel Lid Auto Lock which prevents the Power Sliding Door open fully open when the gas tank car.

Interior Honda Freed

This MPV car on the inside made into maximum relief so comfortable despite the long trip, the interior layout is designed very neat and tidy and orderly, so this car seem luxurious and exclusive.

In the passenger seat is available Armerst on the first line and the second line (Type S and E) are increasingly exposed to forget so as to make you feel at home in this car. There are also features Seat Height Adjustment feature is pointless to set a high bench and the entertainment is very attractive unmitigated by issuing perspek feature A / V System with touch screen and remote control are very ready to watch a movie or listen to music from any model gadget , Adalagi very interesting feature is the Multi Information LCD, Tilt Steering wheel to select the most comfortable position, and Automatic air conditioning cold aura capable membrikan evenly, does this interior section is complete and capable in the climb to 7 passengers to travel and still feels loose.

Hoda machine Freed
This MPV car using the engine capacity of 1,500 cc with type i-VTEC is capable of producing a maximum of 118 PS and maximum torque of 14.9 kgm at 4800 rpm. This particular engine MPV car so as to produce a strong force, efficient and stable. Acceleration system is also designed to facilitate the driver in control is to use 5-speed automatic. D3 transmission system also provides the quality of being able to adjust the acceleration in accordance with the path.

Price Honda Freed

For Price Honda Freed is divided into 3kelas because of his Honda manufacturer has divided into several classes, starting from the least expensive class is class A and more expensive S and E class that offers features a more complete. Indeed, the price of the Honda Freed is more expensive than the Honda or Toyota Rush Mobillio because this car MPV class premium.Untuk know the price refer to the table below:

Freed A Rp. 226 500 000
Freed S Rp. 256 500 000
Freed E Rp. 278 500 000

That's the price list and the latest specification Honda Freed, may be a reference or increase your knowledge of the reader. Hope it is useful ...